Who Are The Judges On Instant Influencer?

If you’re a fan of reality TV shows and the world of social media influencers, then you’ve probably heard of “Instant Influencer.” It’s a popular competition series where aspiring influencers showcase their talent, creativity, and skills to become the next big thing. But who are the judges on “Instant Influencer”? Let’s dive into the world of digital stardom and discover the faces behind the judging panel.

When it comes to judging the contestants on “Instant Influencer,” the show doesn’t disappoint. The panel is composed of renowned industry experts who know what it takes to succeed in the world of social media. These judges bring a wealth of experience and knowledge, making their critiques invaluable to the contestants. From analyzing content creation to evaluating branding strategies, they leave no stone unturned in their quest to find the ultimate influencer. So, without further ado, let’s meet the judges who hold the power to make or break the dreams of these aspiring digital stars.

Who Are the Judges on Instant Influencer?

Who Are the Judges on Instant Influencer?

Instant Influencer is a popular reality competition series on YouTube, where aspiring beauty influencers compete for the chance to win a grand prize and be crowned the next big influencer. The show is hosted by none other than YouTube sensation James Charles, who himself has a massive following and is known for his incredible makeup skills. But who are the judges on Instant Influencer? Let’s dive into the world of beauty and find out!

James Charles

James Charles, the host of Instant Influencer, is not only a successful beauty influencer but also an accomplished makeup artist. With his unique and bold style, James has amassed millions of followers on YouTube and Instagram, making him one of the biggest names in the beauty community. As the host of the show, James brings his expertise, industry knowledge, and keen eye for talent to the judging panel. He offers valuable critiques and guidance to the contestants, helping them grow and improve their skills throughout the competition.

In addition to his role as a judge on Instant Influencer, James is also a highly sought-after collaborator in the beauty industry. He has worked with major brands, created his own makeup line, and even collaborated with other influencers and celebrities. James’s presence on the show not only adds star power but also brings a level of credibility and experience that the contestants can learn from.

Guest Judges

Alongside James Charles, Instant Influencer also features a lineup of esteemed guest judges who bring their unique perspectives and expertise to the competition. These guest judges are experts and influencers in their own right, with successful careers in the beauty industry. They offer fresh insights and opinions on the contestants’ work, providing valuable feedback and critiques.

The guest judges on Instant Influencer change from episode to episode, allowing for a diverse range of perspectives and styles. Some of the guest judges on previous seasons have included renowned makeup artists, beauty brand founders, and even other popular influencers. Their presence adds excitement and unpredictability to the competition, as the contestants never know who they’ll be impressing next.

Benefits of Having Expert Judges

Having expert judges on Instant Influencer brings several benefits to the show and the contestants. Firstly, their expertise and industry knowledge ensure that the competition maintains a high standard of talent and skill. The judges can identify and appreciate the nuances of makeup artistry, allowing them to provide valuable feedback and constructive criticism.

Secondly, the judges’ presence adds credibility and legitimacy to the show. With their established careers and success in the beauty industry, their opinions carry weight and influence. This not only motivates the contestants to perform their best but also attracts viewers who are eager to learn from the experts and witness the rise of the next big beauty influencer.

Lastly, the judges serve as mentors and role models for the contestants. Their experiences and journeys in the industry inspire the aspiring influencers and show them what is possible with hard work, talent, and dedication. The contestants can learn from the judges’ successes and failures, gaining valuable insights that can help shape their own careers.


The judges on Instant Influencer, led by host James Charles, are not only influential figures in the beauty industry but also mentors and guides for the aspiring beauty influencers. With their expertise, feedback, and industry knowledge, they play a crucial role in shaping the competition and helping the contestants reach their full potential. The presence of expert judges adds excitement, credibility, and a learning opportunity for both the contestants and the viewers. Instant Influencer continues to be a must-watch show for beauty enthusiasts and aspiring influencers alike.

Key Takeaways: Who Are the Judges on Instant Influencer?

  • The judges on Instant Influencer are James Charles, Paris Hilton, and Norvina.
  • James Charles is a popular beauty YouTuber and makeup artist.
  • Paris Hilton is a well-known socialite, entrepreneur, and influencer.
  • Norvina is the President of Anastasia Beverly Hills, a cosmetics brand.
  • These judges provide feedback and make decisions on the contestants’ performances and elimination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Instant Influencer is a popular reality competition show that focuses on finding the next big beauty influencer. One of the key elements of the show is the judging panel, made up of industry experts who evaluate the contestants’ skills and creativity. Here are some frequently asked questions about the judges on Instant Influencer:

1. What are the qualifications of the judges on Instant Influencer?

The judges on Instant Influencer are highly respected professionals in the beauty industry. They have years of experience and expertise in various aspects of beauty, including makeup, skincare, and fashion. Their qualifications include being successful influencers themselves, having their own beauty brands, and working with top celebrities and models.

These judges have a deep understanding of current beauty trends, techniques, and products. They are able to provide valuable insights and constructive criticism to help the contestants improve and excel in their challenges on the show.

2. Who are the judges on the latest season of Instant Influencer?

The latest season of Instant Influencer features a star-studded panel of judges. The main judge and host of the show is the renowned beauty influencer and makeup artist, James Charles. Joining him on the panel are celebrity makeup artist, Norvina, who is also the President of Anastasia Beverly Hills, and fashion icon and entrepreneur, Paris Hilton.

This diverse group of judges brings their unique perspectives and expertise to the show, ensuring a well-rounded evaluation of the contestants’ work. They have different areas of specialization, allowing for a comprehensive assessment of the contestants’ skills and creativity.

3. How do the judges interact with the contestants on Instant Influencer?

The judges on Instant Influencer play a crucial role in mentoring and guiding the contestants throughout the competition. They provide feedback, advice, and constructive criticism to help the contestants grow and improve their skills.

During the challenges, the judges closely observe the contestants’ work and evaluate them based on various criteria, such as technique, creativity, and overall execution. They engage in one-on-one discussions with the contestants, offering personalized advice and suggestions. The judges’ interactions with the contestants create a supportive and educational environment, where the contestants can learn and develop their talents.

4. Have the judges on Instant Influencer changed over the seasons?

Yes, the judging panel on Instant Influencer has changed over the seasons. While James Charles has remained a consistent presence as the host and main judge, the other judges have varied. The show often invites guest judges from the beauty industry, including makeup artists, beauty influencers, and brand executives.

This rotation of judges brings fresh perspectives and allows for a diverse range of opinions and expertise. It also keeps the show exciting and unpredictable, as each judge brings their own unique style and approach to evaluating the contestants.

5. What role do the judges play in determining the winner of Instant Influencer?

The judges on Instant Influencer have the final say in determining the winner of each episode and ultimately, the overall winner of the competition. They evaluate the contestants’ performances based on the specific challenge criteria and their overall growth throughout the season.

The judges’ decision is based on a combination of factors, including technical skills, creativity, originality, and the ability to connect with the audience. They consider the contestants’ progress, their ability to adapt to different challenges, and their potential for success as beauty influencers. The judges’ expertise and judgment play a crucial role in selecting the most deserving winner of Instant Influencer.

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Final Summary: Meet the Judging Panel on Instant Influencer!

And there you have it, folks! Now you know all about the incredible judges who make up the panel on Instant Influencer. From the talented and charismatic James Charles to the highly regarded and industry-savvy Paris Hilton, this show is packed with star power and expertise. These judges bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and unique perspectives to the table, making them the perfect guides for the aspiring influencers on the show.

With their keen eye for talent, sharp critiques, and genuine passion for the beauty and influencer industry, James, Paris, and the guest judges truly embody what it takes to be successful in this ever-evolving digital landscape. Their feedback and guidance are invaluable to the contestants, helping them refine their skills, learn from their mistakes, and ultimately grow into the best versions of themselves.

So, get ready to be inspired, entertained, and educated as you follow along with Instant Influencer. Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast, a fan of reality TV, or simply curious about the world of social media influencers, this show is sure to captivate you. Stay tuned for the exciting challenges, dramatic moments, and, most importantly, the incredible transformations of the contestants as they compete for the title of Instant Influencer. It’s a journey you won’t want to miss!

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