10 Best Dog Influencers You Should Follow

If you’re a dog lover like me, then you know how irresistible it is to scroll through social media and see adorable pups brightening up your feed. But have you ever wondered who the top dog influencers are? Well, wonder no more! In this article, I’ll introduce you to the 10 best dog influencers you should definitely follow. These four-legged celebrities are taking the internet by storm with their cuteness, charm, and heartwarming stories. So, get ready to meet some furry friends who will steal your heart and make your day a whole lot brighter!

When it comes to dog influencers, these pups are the cream of the crop. They have millions of followers, endorsement deals, and even their own merchandise. But what sets them apart is their ability to bring joy and positivity to people’s lives. From fashion-forward French Bulldogs to adventure-loving Golden Retrievers, each influencer has their own unique personality and style. Whether you’re looking for daily doses of cuteness, training tips, or heartwarming rescue stories, these furry superstars have got you covered. So, get ready to embark on a journey through the wonderful world of the 10 best dog influencers you should be following right now!

10 Best Dog Influencers You Should Follow

10 Best Dog Influencers You Should Follow

Dogs have always been considered man’s best friend, and with the rise of social media, they have become internet celebrities in their own right. From adorable puppies to seasoned dog influencers, there are countless accounts dedicated to showcasing the cutest and most photogenic canines. If you’re a dog lover looking for some daily doses of canine cuteness, here are the 10 best dog influencers you should follow.


is a with an Instagram following of . This pup’s feed is filled with adorable pictures and videos that capture their playful and lovable personality. Whether they’re posing in cute outfits or showing off their tricks, is sure to put a smile on your face.

If you’re looking for some doggy inspiration, also shares tips on training, grooming, and health. Their account is a must-follow for any dog lover.

Benefits of Following

By following , you’ll get a daily dose of cuteness and be inspired by their training and grooming tips. Their adorable pictures and videos will brighten your day and remind you of the joy that dogs bring to our lives.

Additionally, often collaborates with brands that offer dog-related products and services. By following them, you’ll stay up to date with the latest trends and recommendations in the doggy world.


is a known for their playful and energetic personality. With their expressive eyes and fluffy fur, they have amassed a loyal following on social media. Their account features a mix of adorable pictures, funny videos, and heartwarming moments.

One of the unique aspects of ’s account is their advocacy for animal welfare. They often use their platform to raise awareness about adoption, fostering, and responsible pet ownership. By following , you’ll not only enjoy their adorable content but also support a good cause.

’s Journey to Fame

started their journey on social media as a small account sharing cute pictures of their daily adventures. As their popularity grew, they caught the attention of brands and media outlets, leading to collaborations and features in magazines and online publications.

Today, is not just a beloved internet sensation but also an ambassador for animal rights. Their account is a source of joy, inspiration, and valuable information for dog lovers around the world.


If you’re a fan of small breeds, is the perfect account to follow. This pint-sized pup may be tiny, but their personality is anything but. They are known for their sassy and confident attitude, which is evident in their hilarious pictures and videos.

is a fashion-forward dog, often seen sporting the latest trends in doggy couture. Their stylish outfits and accessories make them a fashion icon in the dog influencer world. By following , you’ll get a daily dose of fashion inspiration and a glimpse into the glamorous life of a dog influencer.

Tips for Small Breed Owners

If you have a small breed dog, following can provide you with valuable tips and advice. From grooming hacks to training techniques, shares their knowledge and expertise to help small breed owners provide the best care for their furry companions.

Additionally, often collaborates with pet brands that cater specifically to small breeds. By following them, you’ll discover new products and services that can enhance your small dog’s life.


is a with a heartwarming story that has captured the attention of dog lovers worldwide. Their account chronicles their journey from rescue to stardom, showcasing the incredible transformation they have undergone.

Through their account, spreads awareness about the importance of adopting and rescuing dogs. They showcase the love and happiness that can come from giving a shelter dog a second chance at life. By following , you’ll not only enjoy their adorable pictures but also be inspired to make a difference in the lives of rescue dogs.

’s Impact on the Rescue Community

Since gaining popularity, has become an advocate for rescue organizations and shelters. They use their platform to promote adoption events, fundraisers, and educational initiatives. By following , you’ll stay informed about opportunities to support rescue efforts and make a positive impact in the dog community.

Additionally, often collaborates with pet brands that share their commitment to animal welfare. By following them, you’ll discover products and services that align with your values as a dog lover.


If you’re a fan of adventure and outdoor activities, is the perfect account to follow. This adventurous pup is always on the go, exploring new trails, beaches, and mountains. Their account is filled with breathtaking pictures of their outdoor escapades.

is not just a pretty face; they also share valuable tips and recommendations for dog-friendly hikes, camping spots, and travel destinations. By following , you’ll be inspired to embark on your own adventures with your furry friend.

Traveling with

One of the highlights of following is getting a glimpse into their travel experiences. Whether it’s road trips, beach vacations, or hiking expeditions, provides valuable insights and recommendations for traveling with your dog.

From pet-friendly accommodations to must-have gear, shares their expertise to ensure that your adventures with your furry friend are safe, enjoyable, and memorable.


is a with a heartwarming story that has captured the hearts of dog lovers around the world. Their account showcases their journey from being a rescue dog to becoming a therapy dog, spreading joy and comfort wherever they go.

Through their account, shares heartwarming stories of their interactions with children, seniors, and individuals with special needs. Their presence brings smiles and happiness to those who need it the most. By following , you’ll witness the incredible impact that dogs can have on people’s lives.

The Power of Therapy Dogs

’s journey as a therapy dog highlights the incredible power of the human-animal bond. Therapy dogs like provide emotional support, reduce stress, and bring a sense of comfort to those in need.

By following , you’ll not only enjoy their adorable pictures and heartwarming stories but also gain a deeper appreciation for the role that dogs play in improving our well-being.


If you’re a fan of luxury and opulence, is the perfect account to follow. This glamorous pup lives a life of luxury, surrounded by designer accessories, gourmet treats, and extravagant vacations.

is a trendsetter in the dog influencer world, often seen wearing the latest designer outfits and accessories. Their account is a source of inspiration for dog owners who want to treat their furry friends like royalty.

Living the High Life with

Following allows you to indulge in a world of luxury and extravagance. From exclusive pet-friendly hotels to gourmet dining experiences, provides a glimpse into the finer things in life.

Additionally, collaborates with luxury brands that cater to pet owners. By following them, you’ll discover high-end products and services that can enhance your dog’s life and pamper them like the royalty they are.


is a known for their incredible talent and skills. From acrobatics to dancing, this talented pup can do it all. Their account showcases their impressive tricks and performances, leaving viewers in awe.

By following , you’ll not only be entertained by their incredible skills but also gain insights into dog training techniques. They often share tips and tutorials for teaching your dog new tricks, making their account a valuable resource for dog owners.

Dog Training Tips from

is not just a performer but also a teacher. They use their platform to educate dog owners about positive reinforcement training methods and the importance of patience and consistency.

If you’re looking to enhance your bond with your furry friend and teach them new tricks, following is a must.


is a known for their expressive eyes and photogenic poses. Their account is filled with stunning pictures that capture their unique personality and charm.

One of the highlights of following is their impeccable fashion sense. They are often seen wearing stylish outfits and accessories that make them a trendsetter in the dog influencer community.

’s Fashion Tips

If you’re a fashion-forward dog owner, following will provide you with endless inspiration. They share tips on styling your dog, finding the perfect accessories, and staying on top of the latest fashion trends.

Whether you’re attending a dog-friendly event or just want to elevate your dog’s everyday style, will guide you towards creating fashionable looks that will turn heads.


If you’re a fan of big and fluffy dogs, is the perfect account to follow. This gentle giant is known for their calm and friendly temperament, making them a beloved figure in the dog influencer world.

’s account is a mix of adorable pictures, heartwarming stories, and valuable tips for large breed owners. By following , you’ll gain insights into the unique needs and challenges of owning a big dog.

Tips for Owning a Large Breed Dog

Large breed dogs have specific requirements when it comes to training, exercise, and nutrition. shares their knowledge and experiences to help large breed owners provide the best care for their furry companions.

Following will not only bring a smile to your face but also equip you with the tools and information you need to be a responsible and loving owner of a large breed dog.

Key Takeaways: 10 Best Dog Influencers You Should Follow

1. Get daily doses of cuteness and laughter by following these top dog influencers on social media.

2. Learn about different dog breeds and their unique personalities through the content shared by these influencers.

3. Find inspiration for dog training and behavior tips from experienced dog owners and trainers.

4. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends in dog fashion, accessories, and products recommended by these influencers.

5. Connect with a community of dog lovers who share their own experiences and stories through these influencers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the top dog influencers to follow?

If you’re looking for the best dog influencers to follow, here are the top ten that you shouldn’t miss out on:

1. @Pupflix – This account features adorable and heartwarming videos of dogs.

2. @TheDogist – Known for his stunning portraits of dogs from all walks of life.

3. @TunaMeltsMyHeart – Tuna, the chiweenie with an endearing overbite, will surely melt your heart.

4. @MarnieTheDog – Marnie, the senior rescue dog, brings joy and laughter to her followers.

5. @Crusoe_Dachshund – Crusoe, the celebrity dachshund, showcases his adventures in style.

6. @Jiffpom – Jiffpom, the Pomeranian with millions of followers, is known for his cute and entertaining videos.

7. @Loki_the_wolfdog – Loki, the stunning wolf-dog hybrid, shares breathtaking photos of his outdoor escapades.

8. @Maya_on_the_move – Maya, the globe-trotting golden retriever, takes you on a journey around the world.

9. @Marutaro – Marutaro, the Shiba Inu sensation, captures hearts with his adorable expressions.

10. @Estherthewonderpig – Esther, the lovable pig, proves that dogs aren’t the only ones who can be influencers.

What makes these dog influencers worth following?

These dog influencers have gained a massive following for a reason. Each of them brings something unique and special to the table:

1. Heartwarming content: They share heartwarming and uplifting stories that bring joy to their followers.

2. Entertainment factor: Their posts are entertaining and often include funny videos and adorable photos.

3. Variety: The dog influencers come from different breeds and backgrounds, offering a diverse range of content.

4. Inspiration: Many of these influencers are rescue dogs, spreading messages of love and compassion.

5. Creativity: They showcase their creativity through well-curated photos and videos that capture their personalities.

6. Adventure: Some of these influencers take their followers on exciting adventures, giving a glimpse into their extraordinary lives.

7. Positive impact: They use their influence to raise awareness for important causes and promote animal welfare.

By following these dog influencers, you’ll be treated to a daily dose of cuteness and positivity in your feed.

How can I find more dog influencers?

If you want to discover more dog influencers to follow, here are a few ways to expand your list:

1. Explore social media platforms: Search for hashtags like #dogsofinstagram or #doginfluencer to find popular dog accounts.

2. Follow relevant accounts: Check out accounts that are similar to the dog influencers you already follow, as they may feature similar content.

3. Engage with the community: Leave comments and interact with other dog lovers to discover new influencers recommended by like-minded people.

4. Attend dog-related events: Dog shows, adoption events, and meet-ups are great opportunities to connect with fellow dog enthusiasts and discover new influencers.

Remember to choose influencers that align with your interests and values, and enjoy the journey of exploring the world of dog influencers.

Can I interact with these dog influencers?

While you may not be able to personally interact with these dog influencers, you can still engage with their content:

1. Like and comment: Show your appreciation for their posts by liking and leaving positive comments.

2. Share their content: Spread the joy by sharing their photos and videos with your own followers.

3. Tag them: If you have a dog-related question or want to show them something special, you can tag them in your post or story.

4. Participate in giveaways or contests: Some dog influencers hold giveaways or contests where you can participate and potentially win prizes.

Remember that while these influencers may not respond directly to every comment or message, they appreciate the support and love from their followers.

Why should I follow dog influencers?

Following dog influencers can bring several benefits and positive experiences:

1. Joy and entertainment: Their adorable and funny content brings a smile to your face and brightens your day.

2. Inspiration: These influencers often share heartwarming stories and messages that inspire you to be kind and compassionate.

3. Learning opportunities: You can learn about different dog breeds, training tips, and even get recommendations for dog-friendly products.

4. Community connection: By following dog influencers, you become part of a community of dog lovers who share a common interest and passion.

5. Supporting animal welfare: Many dog influencers use their platform to raise awareness and support animal rescue organizations.

Overall, following dog influencers is a delightful way to add some furry joy to your social media feed and connect with other dog enthusiasts around the world.

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Final Summary: The Best Dog Influencers to Follow

And that’s a wrap! We’ve reached the end of our journey through the wonderful world of dog influencers. These furry social media stars have captured our hearts and kept us entertained with their adorable antics. From fashion-forward pups to talented tricksters, there’s no shortage of amazing dogs to follow.

So, whether you’re looking for a daily dose of cuteness, training tips, or just some lighthearted fun, these ten dog influencers have got you covered. Make sure to hit that follow button and join the millions of dog-lovers who can’t get enough of these four-legged superstars. Get ready to see the world through their eyes, tail wags, and wet noses!

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